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Consulting for US business owners who feel crazy confused about  WHERE THE HELL TO START WITH TAXES.

Mentoring future financial rock stars so they can:

  • fearlessly keep IRS-required documentation to prove their tax deductions
  • easily track their income and expenses and
  • confidently make accurate and on time estimated tax payments

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Do you dread sorting, sifting and figuring out how to categorize them for your taxes?

GOOD NEWS— there’s an app for that!

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to read the details, click on the red “Sign Up FREE!” button and  get started NOW.



Choose how to send receipts

  • Mail-in envelopes (prepaid for US users)
  • Email (from any email account)
  • Auto sync from Gmail
  • Upload from web
  • Upload from mobile app
  • Scan from Fujitsu or HP scanners


You’ll save the most time by using their Magic.Blue. Envelopes. I’m totally serious here. Put your receipts in one and pop it in the mail. (If that makes you a bit nervous, make copies before you send the originals)


  • 50 receipts scanned, verified, and put in expense categories
  • A complete, searchable data base of your documents
  • Receipts stored in IRS-accepted (and CRA-accepted) image formats
  • Integration with popular on-line accounting apps including Wave, QBO, and Xero
  • Automatic backup to Evernote
  • Expense reports for your tax preparer directly from the app

Click here to get your 30-day free trial AND qualify for 30% off your first 3 months of any paid plan (if you decide you need more than the free plan).

How cool is that? You can take the work and the paper out of paperwork today.

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By the way,  I’m a real live (and very satisfied) Shoeboxed customer myself and I love the way it helps me collaborate with my clients. I started recommending it before I became an affiliate and would continue recommending it even if I weren’t.